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About Us

Gracious Express, one of the leading companies engaged in the domestic cargo transportation through Air, Surface and Railway lease SLR's. Our well-developed logistics and transport services assist us in successfully delivering the goods door to door, on time to different parts of the country.

Catering to the market requirements of quality transportation services, we "Gracious Express" offer to our clients our expertise and extensive experience in the field of freight transportation. We specialize in transportation of bulk cargo by rail and also cater to the transportation needs of client's sending cargo through road. Our services include train cargo services, road transport on premium freight terms, with special emphasis on door pick up and door delivery.



Infrastructure And Team

Our modern infrastructure facilities equipped with modern communication and allied gadgets enables us to remain in constant touch with our clients and offer them superior range of cargo delivery services. Our well developed fleet of closed body trucks and allied transportation facilities ensure fast & easy solutions to clients logistical needs.

We work with a team of over 350 employees who on rotational basis are constantly engaged in delivering superior results and assist us in meeting the expectations of our clients. We continuously strive to ensure that our customers find it easy to do business with us, receive 100% materials on time, receive hassle free service, accurate and timely information regarding their valuable cargo and receive best transportation value for their money.

Special Advantages

Round the clock pick up facility through own fleet of closed body transport trucks from Delhi and NCR areas. Hassle free transportation and fastest delivery schedules at competitive rates.

Cargo reaching New Delhi station till 9 pm are loaded on Tamil Nadu Express reaching 3rd day morning and delivery ensured 3rd day itself. Cargo picked up during night are connected through Sampark Kranti Express in the morning ensuring timely delivery and minimum wastage of time.

Cargo picked up during morning hours and any leftover cargo are connected through Rajdhani Express in the afternoon. Prompt door delivery on arrival at destination.



Core Sector Operations

To cater to the growing demands of Chennai Sector, we have specially focussed our core sector operations by introducing 22 tonnes lease SLR facility in this sector, facilitataing round the clock cargo connections and wider flexibility in operations.

The arrangements we have with railways along with tonnage capacity in this sector include: 8 tonne lease through Tamil Nadu Express (7 days a week, departure time 10.30PM), 9 tonne lease space through Sampark Kranti Express (Tuesday and Thursday Dep. 6.00 am), 5 Tonne lease space through Rajdhani Express (Wed. & Fri. Dep. time 3.50 pm), 5 tonne lease space through Tirukural Express (Sat 6.00 am).

Core Objectives


We are consistently working towards achieving several self laid down objectives which helps us to maintain better operational efficiency in our field of operations. Some of the highly focused business strategies followed by us include:

  • To consistently maintain high quality standards in our fleet operations and strategically expand them. ee To maintain a strong balance sheet with low leverages.
  • Maintaining low cost at operational levels and passing on the benefits to our clients.
  • To further capitalize on our industry's reputation of reliability and promptness.
  • Our ultimate goal is to realize a 'win-win' situation for both parties, and to make our contribution to the rapid growth of the country's economy.

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